Opening of The Grand masij Noor

Opening of the Grand mosque Masij Noor Enalubabwe

Voice of Africa together with its sponsors and the community of Nalubabwe Luwero came together and built a mosque in the area to increase mosque faith in the area enabling people to go to an advanced mosque and carry out their prayers.

Is a Mosque important: Try to imagine what a Muslim community would lose if it did not have a Mosque. It would have no place where the whole community could pray collectively – a Muslim is expected to pray five times a day and to abandon the prayer is not an option for any Muslim, since it is the greatest obligation after Tawheed (the affirmation of the worship of Allāh alone). Think again from previous lessons, the extremely important role that the Mosque plays in the lives of Muslims. All this shows that it is very important for a Muslim community to have a Mosque. A truly Islamic mosque must be based upon the Sunnah of the Prophet (ﷺ), free from innovations and misguided ideas.