Voice of Africa Radio is located on Plot 27 john Babiiha Avenue, Kololo  in Kampala.

VOA radio transmits on 92.3FM- central region, 102.7FM Masaka Region, 90.6FM Mbarara Region,

Voice of Africa Radio offers attractive bonuses on spot messages, DJ mentions/complimentary adverts & discounts depending on future business prospects & volume of orders placed.

Yes, VOA Does offer periodic internship programs as one of our educational programs.

Yes, we offer discounts as and when the offers are up for grabs. They are advertised on our radio station when they are available. 

Voice of Africa Radio is the leading Multi-lingual FM station in the region with programs and news in the following languages: English, Luganda, Arabica, Swahili, Nubbi and Runyankole.

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